What is this?

It's an application for reminding you when and what type of bin needs to go out.

Do you support my council?

Possibly, go to the My Council Page and enter your postcode or just go to the Councils Page to view the lot.

Is there an iPhone version?

Not at the moment and I suspect there never will be owing to the fact that I am not an iPhone developer and it's a free app and Android is a cheaper platform to develop on.

My Council is not Supported, when will it be?

Well that is an impossible question to answer. Since I write all of the code in my spare time it all depends on how much time I have. Some councils cannot be supported because they do not supply an online bin calendars. However if I get enough interest I am more than happy to add a new council so by all means contact me and I shall do my best.

The App isn't Working. What do I do?

Well you could try again, sometimes the council's website has a small blip in service and some have maintainence windows where the database gets shut down, failing all of that then just go to the contact me and drop me a line

How does it work?

On the whole the application just goes to your council's website and picks the data up from there just as you would, the nice bit is that it makes sense of that data and reminds you as well so you don't have to set reminders for yourself. Of course this will use some of your data allowance but it's pretty minimal, and if you're worried then don't turn the Auto Download on and manually hit download when you're on wireless. In most cases the app also downloads the descriptions for what you can put in each bin if available so it can help you twice.

Are you paid by the Council?

No. I'm just doing this because I found it useful, in fact I am doing this without any council help at all.

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